Jerusalem Call Community

Jerusalem Call Community

Prayer and Action

The Jerusalem Call Community is a Prayer and Action Community Working for the Peace of Jerusalem

Throughout history Christians have bound themselves together into communities of faith that keep certain common disciplines.

A Missional Commitment

The purpose of binding together as a faith community is to fulfill a specific common mission. Involvement in this community requires more than in interest in Israel, it is for those of us who share a sense of calling.

An Ordered Life

A faith community is not hierarchical since it's members are bound together by personal commitment to certain actions that reflect a missional call to obedience and self-monitored discipline. An “ordered life” can also be understood as having a specific set of guidelines for how we steward our time, talent and treasures. A “Personal Rule of Life” establishes a rhythm that reflects a love for God and respect for what He wants from us.

Fraternal Care

The commitment to an ordered life is equally a commitment to others who have done the same. It is not a competition; rather, it is a fraternity of brothers and sisters who help one another in their personal journey of faith and obedience.

Join the Community

That's it. If this sounds like what God is calling you to do, take the next step.

The Rule of Life for Members of the Jerusalem Call Community

The Jerusalem Call Community has but a few ordered commitments but they are firm. Beyond the basics of the normal, biblically formed Christian life the three “ordered disciplines” of our community members are the following:

1. Stand Daily for Jerusalem in Prayer

Pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem.

2. Stand Consistently with Jerusalem in Giving

Regularly give material help to Jerusalem related needs and projects.

3. Stand Physically in Jerusalem by Going and Helping Send Others

Go to Jerusalem in person or help someone else go.

4. Stand Together

Encourage and engage with other Jerusalem lovers. We urge our members to gather informally for prayer when possible and build relationships with one another for mutual encouragement. Also we anticipate our members to join us in official JCC Gatherings regionally, nationally and internationally when possible.

5. Stand Up for Jerusalem as an Informed Advocate

Be educated, be bold and be wise. We encourage our members to influence others and to join with us as advocates for Jerusalem peace.