Earl Cox

Journalist, Senior Level Leader In four US Presidential Administrations & Broadcaster

Over the course of my professional career having served in senior level positions in the administrations of four U.S. presidents and two administrations of Israel as an officially appointed "Goodwill Ambassador" I have not met a person who exemplifies integrity, honesty and professionalism to a higher standard than my friend and colleague Dr. Daniel Williams. It has been my privilege to know Daniel for more than twelve years. During this time I have observed his interactions with high-ranking U.S. and Israeli government, religious and business leaders. Daniel Williams is an outstanding leader who is uniquely qualified in faith-based diplomacy in the U.S., Israel and internationally. It has been my pleasure to have personally worked with Dr. Williams on a number of pro-Israel projects and have been impressed by his thoroughness, thoughtfulness and careful attention to detail. Daniel has been a recognized and highly respected leader within the international Christian community for forty-five years. It is with great enthusiasm that I pen this brief statement of support for a man who labors selflessly and effectively in support of Israel and the Jewish people and who genuinely lives and walks according to his faith in God.

Jim Garlow

Senior Pastor of Skyline Church and National Evangelical Leader

I strongly endorse Daniel Williams as a highly knowledgeable and successful leader among those who advocate for a biblical worldview of the State of Israel. His work with the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus of the Israeli Parliament, in the halls of Congress in D.C. and in nations around the world through the Israel Allies Foundation is lauded among both Jews and Christians alike. Working with many nationally recognized faith leaders, political leaders and thought leaders, Daniel played a uniquely critical role in advocating for and facilitating necessary steps for the move of both the U.S. and Guatemalan embassies to Jerusalem. I predict great things are yet ahead.

Jim Solberg

National Director & CEO, Bridges For Peace

It is my pleasure to endorse Daniel Williams. I have known him for over five years, during which period we have worked closely together on a number of projects. Daniel is kind, intelligent and flexible. He is a man of integrity with a deep love of the Lord and a compassion for others. Daniel is an excellent communicator and a true “bridge builder”; able to honestly and openly communicate across denominational and religious boundaries. His knowledge and appreciation for the Church in her various forms and over her long history is as broad and as deep as anyone I have ever met. He shares God’s heart with a deep love and respect for Israel and for the Jewish people. It has been my privilege to work closely with him, and it is my hope that will continue, as I know will our friendship.

Ron Luce

Executive Director, JESUS GLOBAL YOUTH DAY

Dr. Daniel Williams has given decades of his life to leverage his time and influence to make dramatic impact all over the world. Whether training and sending teams to unreached people or planting a plethora of churches and Bible schools as soon as the cold war was over in former Communist lands, he has never been afraid to take risks for the Kingdom of God! As a board member and Chairman of our Board for many years, he provided insight and wisdom to help manage a torrent of exponential growth for two decades. His most recent endeavor to come alongside Israel is another example of strategic impact. He is a man that has repeatedly demonstrated personal compassion for those around him and impeccable character amid very challenging circumstances.

Erick Stackelbeck

Director of Christians United for Israel’s CUFI Watchman Project

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Daniel Williams on several pro-Israel initiatives over the past five years, including at large events throughout the United States. Daniel is a dynamic speaker who is able to connect with audiences on a personal level and mobilize and inspire them to take action in support of Israel, both practically and financially. He is passionate about and extremely knowledgeable about the Land, its people and its history. Daniel eloquently lays out the geopolitical situation Israel faces and the Biblical case for Christian support of the Jewish State. A gifted theological mind who has traveled extensively throughout the world, Daniel is a proven leader who has personally built and directed globally impactful organizations and also “rode to the rescue” to rebuild and revitalize other organizations that had been struggling.

Bob Weiner

President of Bob Weiner Ministries and International Evangelist and Leader

Of all the outstanding leaders I know personally around the world, Daniel Williams is number one. From founding and leading a great mission organization that played a leading role in transforming the former Soviet Union and so many other nations, to sitting on the boards of some of the greatest organizations on earth, to strategic cooperation with government leaders around the globe, this is my friend and colleague. Integrity, outstanding marriage and family and moving mountains with his God given faith are things that come to mind when I consider Daniel’s life. With Daniel Williams, no goal is impossible when it is born of God.